The administrator of personal data on the Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal (the portal) and Seraphin website (the website) is Ionas Software Ltd with its registered office in Glasgow, at 34 Craggan Drive, G14 0EW, company no: SC492403 (hereinafter: “Administrator”). The Administrator website address is https://www.ionas.co.uk.


  1. When registering on the portal

Using some of the Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal functions is possible after registering on the portal and at this moment such data as the Customer’s e-mail address, phone number and password are collected.

  1. During the service purchase transaction

Before the Service purchase transaction Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal collects the Customer’s data such as name, surname, residential address, telephone number and data on the payment method.

  1. In order to fulfill the function of the portal

The main function of the portal is to issue alert messages and phone calls to designated individuals. All users of the portal agree to having their personal data such us a name, phone number or email collected for the purposes of alert notifications.

  1. Automatically

When visiting Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal, data such as IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, etc. may be collected automatically.


  1. Any personal data provided by users of Seraphin Wireless Monitoring are processed in accordance with the provisions of the law.

  2. Data collected during the purchase transaction of Services will be used to complete the transaction, including the collection of money from the Customer. Providing this data is mandatory if the Customer wishes to purchase the Service.

  3. Data stored on the system will be used to create message notifications to registered email addresses and mobile number and to issue phone calls to registered mobile and phone numbers.

  4. Third Data collected automatically may be used to analyze the behavior of customers on the services or to collect demographic data about customers of the service.


The Administrator processes personal data to the extent necessary to use the Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal. The purposes of processing personal data:

a) Establishment, performance or termination of the contractual relationship involving the use of Seraphin Wireless Monitoring functionalities indicated in the Terms of Service,

b) fulfillment of the main function of the portal - the alerting of designated individuals of alert conditions

c) statistical purposes,

d) sending commercial information to partners, advertisers or recipients of the Seraphin Wireless Monitoring service.


  1. Providing personal data by the Customer of the service is voluntary, however, failure to provide personal data necessary to conclude a given agreement results in the impossibility to conclude it.

  2. The Administrator informs that the Customer of the service has the opportunity to withdraw consent to the processing of his/her personal data. This can be done by contacting the Administrator by e-mail to the address: contact@ionas.co.uk or in writing to the address: 34 Craggan Drive, G14 0EW, Glasgow, UK.

  3. withdrawal of consent for data processing, may be associated with the need to cease using the Service, such as deletion of the account.


  1. Cookies are used to adapt the content of Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal to user preferences and to optimize the use of the portal. They make it possible, in particular, to recognise the user’s device and to display the portal appropriately, tailored to the user’s individual needs, as well as to create statistics which help learn how users make use of the portal, which makes it possible to improve their structure and content.

  2. The Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal uses two main types of cookies: “session” (session cookies) and “persistent cookies”. (persistent cookies). Session" cookies are temporary files which are stored in the Customer’s terminal equipment until logging out, leaving the portal or closing the web browser. “Permanent” cookies are stored in the Customer’s terminal equipment for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until they are deleted by the Customer.

  3. The Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal may use the following types of cookies:

  4. cookies which are necessary to enable the use of services available on the portal, e.g. authentication cookies used for services which require authentication (logging),

  5. cookies used for security purposes, e.g. used for the detection of abuse of authentication in the service,

  6. efficiency cookies, enabling the collection of information on the manner of using the portal,

  7. Functional cookies that make it possible to “remember” selected settings and personalize the Customer’s interface, e.g. with regard to the selected language or region, appearance of the portal, etc,

  8. advertising cookies allowing to provide users with advertising content tailored to their interests.

If the Customer considers that the presence of cookies violates his/her privacy, he/she can disable them at any time, either for a specific site or for all connections from his/her browser. For more information on how to manage cookies, please refer to the Help section of the browser used by the Customer.


  1. This privacy policy applies to the Seraphin Wireless Monitoring portal as well as the Serpahin website on which this policy is published.

  2. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy please contact the Administrator, in particular via e-mail to: contact@ionas.co.uk in the subject line of the message writing “privacy policy” or in writing to the address in Glasgow, at 34 Craggan Drive, G14 0EW, Scotland, UK.